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Mother's Day
Posted by: White Lion
Date: 07.03.2014
It’s a time of year and celebration we’re all familiar with, but do you know where it came from and how it all started?

Depending on how far back in history you are prepared to go, the origins of Mother’s Days are believed to date back to ancient times. The former empires of the Greeks and Romans both held festivals in spring honouring their ‘Mother Gods’ - the mother of many deities in their respective mythologies. The Roman’s held an annual festival in mid-March called Hilaria, which even involved the worshipping of a cut down pine tree!

A more common account of the origins of our beloved Mother’s Day will tell you that it stems from the adoption of Christianity in Europe and Britain. Laetare Sunday, the traditional name for the fourth Sunday of Lent, became an annual holiday in the middle ages where workers away from home were given time off to visit their ‘Mother Church’ – the church of their hometown or village. Consequently, families were reunited and hence it became known as Mothering Sunday.

The idea of a commercialised Mother’s Day and its recognition as an annual celebration, it seems we stole from the Americans! A Mother’s Day movement led by a woman called Anna Jarvis, inspired us Brits in the early 20th century to officially celebrate the life and work of our Mothers, and since then we have never looked back.

Why not treat your mum this spring at our coastal hotel in Suffolk, with lovely sea views, accommodation and restaurant – the perfect treat for her to kick back and relax.

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